My New Clutches and Updated Family Picture

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  1. I thought it would be fun to share my little goodies from the Neiman Marcus sale. I picked up three Zip Clutches and the adorable "frog" Mini Bag. :love: The little frog is just so cute!! Although I love my black patent ZC I'm not sure about the the oak and plum ones. They look a bit too rustic and muted for my taste. I'm still deciding whether to keep, exchange or return them. :hrmm: I also thought I'd post a quick family picture.

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  2. omg melly. youve got more MJ bags than anyone on tpf i think! :smile: i am so jealous of your beautiful collection.

    and i love that froggie!!
  3. Wow Melly! What an AMAZING collection...:love: I love all of your bags and zc's :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. Ribbit Ribbit...that froggie is staring at me. I love how you color-coordinated your font with it's eyes LOL
    Love your ZC's!!
    You have great taste Melly! I'm a big fan of your collection ;)
  5. Awesome updated pic! :tup: i've been waiting for this sucker :P Seriously, that collection is FIERCE! :drool: I love how your ZC's are like skittles and all lined up ;) I've never seen many of those colors that you've got. Love it! :ty: for the update :love:
  6. ^^ Can you post a modeling shot with the froggie clutch? I would love to see this on someone!!
  7. Oh my goodness...I almost fell off my chair...gorgeous MJ collection. The colours are devine and that is the largest collection I've seen..congrats!.
  8. That is some Crazy-Hot MJ action! LOL! I love that pic. I saved it on my computer. That pic always puts a smile on my face. Love your collection. Wow!

    I am not really feeling the more rustic, muted leather, either. I saw the Stams in this leather and I was underwhelmed. I think I am going to pass on these. I think the colors are pretty, it's just that the leather seems kind of flat. It's nice, but I like the smoother, glossier leather much better.
  9. omg... im envious. i wanna roll around in all your bags! what a great collection! the colors look so pretttyy...
  10. Wow! That's a MJ wonderland you got there, Melly! I absolutely love your taste for bags... Do you have separate closet and a filing system just for your bags? I'm so curious how you keep them all nice and tidy. :smile:
  11. :heart:I have seen heaven:love:
  12. :wtf: melly, i don't think i would be wrong in saying that you probably have the most awesome mj collection here. the picture is just jaw droppingly stunning. thanks for sharing!
  13. Whoa MELLY! Now I think I can say you have the most MJs in the UNIVERSE! I'm nominating you as MJ Prom Queen! :smile:
  14. Marc Jacobs should name a bag after you for all the support you've given him!
  15. OMG Melly, your collection is unbelievable. i almost fell off my chair! i am so jealous! your bags are stunning!

    as for the the plum and oak... i love them! i know what you mean by muted, but the colors are so pretty!

    let me know if you decide to get rid of them! ;) i'll be more than happy to take them off your hands! :roflmfao:

    thanks for my dose of eye candy for the night! :heart: