My new clutch

  1. Just thought i'd share this with you guys. My new clutch from Oscar de la Renta, bought on sale.

  2. aww pictures doesn't work for me!
  3. yeah, can't see either...

    it says:

  4. Here's a picture...
  5. Very elegant! Love that clasp!
  6. It's adorable! Agree with Compass Rose, it's very elegant! Congratulations!
  7. Lovely!
  8. Very Nice... Congrats!!!
  9. Ooh pretty! I saw that on bagsnob, she bought one too! Congrats!
  10. very pretty!!!
  11. What a great classic- congrats!
  12. That's where i got my inspiration...i think i may have gotten the last one actually.
  13. Lovely!
  14. yah love the clasp too!
  15. So classic!! Great find, and on sale! What more could one possibly ask for? Congratulations, wear it in good health.