My new CLs !^^

  1. Hello ladies !!
    Want to share with all of you my new CLs, love them alot !hiihi:love:
    What do you girls think? :shame:
    And my so cute DIOR FLAT for under $160 b4 tax :heart:
  2. nice! and great deal on the diors too. The minibouts are more brown than I thought from the pics I've seen. I was thinking about getting them but from Saks pics I thought they'd be more gray.
  3. Very nice! Are the Minibouts comfy for you? I tried them in my regular size and they were too tight in the toe box so I went 1/2 size up and they were slipping in the I walked away from them.
  4. Congrats! Love them, especially the Decolletes :heart:
  5. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats! =)
  6. they're so pretty congrats!
  7. i love ur new CL's. the black ones are nice classic designs that you will always be able to use. The brown ones with the CL open toe look is classy and sexy at the sametime hehe. perfect combo
  8. Thanks alot wantmore, babypie, oo_let_me_see, Edrine, luxlover ! You are the bests !:love:
    Wantmore: the Minibouts is little tight for my feet, but my SA said it will be stretch through i think it will be okie !!:yes:
  9. Your going to LOVE your Decolletes!
    I love the minibouts! Mine are still on pre-order. NM is slow. They do look brown in the pic. Still look great!
  10. Beautiful shoes. Especially the minibouts.
  11. same here, i tried them on yesterday in silver metallic b/c they were just too pretty and i couldn't take my eyes off them until my feet started screaming in them.. they weren't at all comfy for me, esp at the toe box, it just felt weird. nevertheless, they looked really hot!! too bad comfort level is more important to me than anything else so i gave them a pass :push:

    i hope those fit fine on you!! :smile:
  12. CONGRATS on your shoes, they look lovely!
  13. Great looking shoes! Congrats!
  14. congrats on all of your shoes! the minibout's growing on me!