My new CLs!!

  1. I'd previously opened a thread to ask you ladies whether I should buy the Very Prives in Satin or not. Thanks to all that responded and it's because of you that I am now the proud owner of a pair of SUEDE Very Prives! :yahoo:

    I had to wait a few days to actually buy them (my mom was out of town and has 10% way I'm buying $500 shoes and not getting a discount!) so I asked the SA to put the Satin AND Suede on hold for me in 35.5. I went to the flagship store in Hong Kong with my mom yesterday and realized that Satin in 35.5 was TOO SMALL for me. I actually need a 36 but they were all sold out. The suede however, was too big in 35.5. and I had to go down half a size! What a difference!
    So the decision was to buy it in suede, which everyone in the store (all 3 SA's were helping me!) and my mom agreed was better for my age. The icing on the cake is that my mom paid for them as an early Christmas gift!! :wlae: I can't wait to wear them but I really do want to break them in before taking them out. How do you ladies break your new shoes in?

    Thanks for reading and thanks again for the wonderful advice!
    P1030717 [1024x768].JPG P1030716 [1024x768].JPG P1030720 [1024x768].JPG P1030721 [1024x768].JPG P1030724 [1024x768].JPG
  2. well those are pretty spectacular :o
  3. oooh congrats! those look gorgeous!
  4. I love black CLs contrasting against the red sole -- absolutely perfect, and your suede VPs are no exception!
  5. those are super sexy, you made a great choice!! enjoy your present!!!
  6. Congrats! I think it all worked out for the best. You can break them in by wearing them around your house before wearing them out.
  7. Those are so hot!!!
  8. those are gorgeous! congrats!
  9. Oh they are lovely and look great on you! LOve the doggie, too!!!
  10. Those are incredibly sexy shoes. I love that your adorable dog is in the picture too.
  11. Congrats, Duck! VPs are fab in every color and fabric, but suede is so very rich. Enjoy them!
  12. Those are beautiful and they look great on you. Congrats and wear them well!
  13. Those are stunning. I have no words of wisdom on breaking them in. The cold weather has my peep toes still in a box.

    Very nice. :tup:
  14. thanks so much for the feedback, everyone! :happydance:

    Lavenderice: you have been so, so helpful with this pair of shoes...THANK YOU!!! I'm going to wear them to death around the house!!

    CJY & Chicbabacool: Thanks! Dookie was very, very curious when I was taking the pictures...he kept blocking the camera!

    Thanks again to everyone that helped! I love coming here because everyone's so sweet and helpful :smile:
  15. You're welcome toiletduck! Your dog is cute being sneaky, getting in the picture.