My new CLs are already here!! And more pics

  1. I can't believe I ordered my CLs yesterday and they arrived today on my doorstep! And they do fit! :yahoo: The left is a little big, but that's b/c of my feet being 1/2 size off. The smell is divine - it takes me back to my ballet days! (Love the smell of new toe shoes).

    Here are my new Decollete Jazz 868s in Camel:

    The rest of my new collection:

    Chloe Prince Boots & pumps:

    Jimmy Choo Black crushed patent leather Prince boots and Proverb pumps:

    Thanks for looking!!!
  2. :drool: TDF!! And sooo on my wish list! Congrats and wear it well!!
  3. bloody hell those are some gorgeous shoes. Have u seen the red patent decolletes on net-a-porter?? they r tdf (just in case u want to expand ur collection lol)
  4. those are one hell of a pair of heels. :yes:
  5. :drool: Congrats. They are gorgeous. I want some.
  6. Thank you everyone!!!

    The sizing thing makes me laugh!

    I am:
    37.5 in the Chloe boots and Jimmy Choo pumps
    38 in the Chloe pumps
    39 in the CLs and the Jimmy Choo boots

    Who knew my feet could be so many sizes, LOL!
  7. Love the color!
  8. CONGRATS! I LOVE your new, stunning decos!! :love: They are such a classic and sexy shoe.

    I agree with you on sizing -- I have shoes ranging from a 7 to a 9 in my closet.
  9. great color. congrats on your new heals.
  10. Thanks Lavender, stinam, and LVobsessed!!

    stinam, that's why I love the shoe! It's classic yet sexy at the same time!

    angelie, I'm supposed to be on a shoe ban now (mostly b/c we owe taxes) but I an definitely looking at other colors and drooling!!:busted
  11. All are so gorgeous! Congrats! I'm drooling over here!
  12. Enjoy them!! They are GORGEOUS...
  13. Love them all. Beautiful!! Enjoy!
  14. They are beautiful! :drool: I might have to look into these instead of the black heels I was thinking of getting...!

    Congrats on the purchase!
  15. Congrats- very pretty!