my new CL's and some modeling pics

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  1. yayayy im so happy!! the ups guy just came and brought me a beautiful present, what do you gals think?





  2. They look gorgeous damieraddict!! Are they the bronze color simples? The first outfit is very va-va-voom!! you look great
  3. These simples look great on you, are they 100mm? Congrats, they are very pretty.
    Are you wearing d&g in the first photo?
  4. Sexy mama! Those Simples are gorgeous (and the outfits too). Hard to tell, but are they Metallic Pewter or Silver Grease Paint?
  5. thankx guys!!!
    the cl box says:
    PL574 Opale
    simple pump sca lame

    they are more on the bronze side
  6. Thanks ye its a d&g pencil skirt and tank:heart:
  7. love them! :smile:
  8. Cute and gorgeous outfits too! Congrats. :smile:
  9. Love them!!! You look amazing in the outfits!!!

    Where did you get them? Are they 85mm or 100mm? I have an adorable bronze Chanel pouchette (courtesy of a tPF angel) that would look perfect with them. I feel a purchase coming on....
  10. Such perfect shoes. :flowers:
  11. Those are great! The outfits work wonderful with them! You should go out tonight to celebrate!
  12. You look fabulous! I believe if you are going to do the simple, you have to do it up!

  13. o0o0o.. i wanna see,
    i didnt even think of a bag lol
    but i think that my lv damier speedy looks nice (for a day look)
  14. They are very pretty. They look great on you. Congrats!!!

  15. i got them on ebay from a seller who got them at neiman (she included the receipt)
    and im pretty sure they are 100mm (they seem 4'' high)