My New Cloudy Bundle!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just got my cloudy bundle bag in beige (olive green color) from Nordstroms which I had price matched thanks to Roey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I have wanted this bag since I started loving Chanel a few months ago but didn't think spending $2300 for this bag would be worth it, however for $1600 i coudn't pass it up!!!!! I LOVE THIS BAG SOOOOOO MUCH!!! :heart: :love: :heart: I will post pictures of it tommorow, but I have a few questions. The leather seems so delicate on this bag and I am so nervous to really use it, anyone here who has this bag can you tell me about the wear on it? Also what happens if this leather gets wet in the rain or something? Will it be ruined? And lastly, how do I clean this leather once it starts to get dirty? Thanks in advance for all your comments and insight!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can't wait to see your pics! great find! Congrats!!!!!!
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see it!
  4. For $1,600 i want one too!! :nuts:
    BagLover, Do you mind i ask how you got Nordstrom to price match the bag? Pleeeeeaaaaassse share your secret....I want one as well!!!! TIA!
  5. Totoro- The chanel stores in Canada had them on sale for 30% off and Nordstrom price matched it, however I'm pretty sure that in Roey said in her last post about her cloudy bundle that broke that she was getting the last one in the nordstrom system, but it never hurts to ask!!
  6. Oh yes pls do share how you to get a price match. Is it that delicate? I've been thinking about this bag alot lately lol cant wait for you pics!
  7. BagLover,
    I apologize for bombarding you with all these questions. :shame: Which Nordstrom should I call, and is there a specific SA I should ask for? Thanks!
  8. I got the last north/south (longer) tote in the system. The east/west (shorter, wider) tote is still available. However, I am not certain if the Toronto sale is still ongoing. If it is, then Nordstrom can price match.

    You can try Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle. The Chanel boutique is 206-628-1390.
  9. Thanks Roey! I'll give it a try!
  10. I have had this bag for a little while now, and I use it constantly. I don't think you could scratch it if you tried. With the exception of Roey's unfortunate incident, I have not heard of other problem's with the bag. I know she loved hers as much as I love mine, and I hope that hers was an isolated incident that will soon be remedied.

    I'm a big fan of this bag. The material is luxurious and my bag has been very sturdy. I have a "foul weather bag" that I always use, so I have not tried this one in the snow. I have had it in the rain, however, with no problems.

    You got the olive? That is the bag I have, and have had no problems with it getting dirty. I seriously considered this bag in multiple colors when Roey posted about the price match, too!
  11. I am almost positive that the sale in the canadian stores is over tommorow, so you should be able to get the price match still, but call today because after tommorw Nordstroms won't honor it. I know that the e/w totes were also part of the sale, so if Nordies has that style you should be able to get the 30% off. I have to say that I love this bag so much and can't wait to get more use out of it, which I will be able to do now without worry based on TLN's response- thanks!! I want to thank Roey again for all of her help and encouragment to get this bag!!!!!!
  12. Yay..just spoke to Denise and got the price match for the last e/w tote she had in stock! I opted for 2-day shipping...can't wait to get it!!!!!!
    Thanks roey and BagLover for such a great deal!! :yahoo:
  13. Oh totoro I am sooo happy for you!!!!!!! What color did you get??
  14. Yay, we want to see pics when it arrives! You got the same color as mine I think.
  15. According to the label it's white, but Denise said it's actually a beige/cream color. I will post pics once I get it!! :yes: