My new closet! Suggestions? Help Please!

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  1. Ok. I got back to town five hours ago and decided before unpacking ALL the new clothes and stuff I bought (which was TWO suitcases full!!!) I had to finish my closet!!

    So since moving in September first to a new apartment I had to give up the house with two closets AND a walk-in closet. On the bright side the idiot that came with the house didn't come with me! ( He and I lived together fr the last 6 years, and this is the first time ever living alone and im 29!!). I LOVE my new place, and the location is AMAZING but the closets are tiny tiny tiny tiny!!!

    I found two old armoirs that instead of having a hanging bar, have just shelves (been looking for years!!). I have placed two of them jutting out from either side of my closet along with a shoe rack so that it kind of gives the my closet more space and I can get the feel of a walk in closet even though I dont have one. I would love if it was actually partitioned off from my bedroom, but what can i do?

    Anyways, here are the pics right now. Please give me feed back and suggestions of what you think might work better, or is lacking! I have already purged SOOOOOOOOOOOO much that I can simply NOT purge anymore. Oh! And I broke the shoe rack in the process, so there will be four more full wood shelves all filled as soon as I get back to Home depot!

    The view looking in from the rest of my bedroom! I really need to find away to close it in somehow and make it a REAL walk in closet! but its an apartment so i cant do construction.

  2. [​IMG]



  3. [​IMG]

  4. Congrats on getting rid of the dead weight!

    -I think you would be able to mazimize the space in your bedroom if you had the armoires/cabinets flush against the wall as opposed to trying to make it like a walk-in.

    - can you raise the clothes bar, to give you some room between them?

    - the container store has these clear dividers to put between folded items so they don't fall over (works very well)

    - could you get another storage unit for the shoes to stack on top (again maximize space).

    - also, don't forget to use the tops of the cabinets & armoires for additional storage.

    - are those Billy bookcases from IKEA, if so you can get doors on them, so all of your clothes aren't on display. a little additonal privacy and keeps dust out
  5. the rod doesnt move at all and the shelf is fixed in. The second bar is actually a metal rod that hangs off of the first rod.

    the armoirs are actually 6 feet tall and I purchased them a few months back from an estate sale for 700.00 each! nothing i had seen til then came CLOSE to being as big roomy etc. They do have doors, but the space is so tight and they were so awkward to open that i took the doors off the hinges! I might put them back but for now its ok.

    the idea of storage below the shoes is brilliant but once four more shelves are added on will it be worth it? I might just add more shoe shelves! Wtih four more shelves I wont have more than enough space for one more pair, so maybe just more shoe storage.

    And now I am off to look up the storage container online and see if i can buy online and ship to canada! the dividers sound brilliant!
  6. I actually love the idea you had of making a "faux" walk-in closet, but DC asked a good question: does it suck up too much of your bedroom space?
  7. no, not at all. just turns my room into an l shaped. my room is pretty much like this. at the end of my bed is a bookcase and bar fridge with my tv on top, computer right beside and then a long dresser used for storage of all sorts of odds and ends. my monitor sits on the edge of the dresser so i can type and such while sitting on the edge of my bed.

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  8. Are those wooden hangers? If you switch to slimline/huggable hangers, you'll have a lot more space.
  9. I dont know why. it just seems so much more....... so high class to have all wood hangers. I remember as a kid being so in awe of all the designer closets and it was the look of all the wood hangers. Mine arent very thick, maybe a centimetre thick each one. And dark mahogany wood. I spent soooooooooo much money two years ago to finally get all matching wood hangers, and i would HATE to start again.

    Do they REALLY save THAT much room? and do they make pant hangers? I dread the thought of all that money going down the toilet, but maybe I should really consider it.

    My front closet buy the door to my apartment is also all wood hangers, and the closet is PACKED with jackets and coats, and boots and accessories. And those hangers are also all wood but not as nice in colour. They are oak and i dont like light woods. maybe i could move my mahogany ones there....
  10. wooden hangers look nice, but if you are working with a smaller space, slim hangers are the way to go. Use the wooden hangers for coats. You'll be glad you did. Trust us! You could always sell them or box in storage for use at a later time
  11. Hi,

    A few thoughts. First, as a renter, I had some of the problems you have. I removed the hatbox shelf in the closet and moved the rod higher. The rod screwed into the wall, so all I did was drill new holes a higher (you may need special screws depending upon the wall material) so that I could add a second rod. When I moved out, the landlord just glanced at the closet and certainly didn't inspect it for patched wall screw holes.

    Secondly, I too use wooden hangers, but only for my jackets and heavy items. I use padded fabric hangers (all the same color, natch!) for blouses and pant hangers for pants. It saves room, true, but it still isn't a good idea to have your clothes crammed in--you run the risk of wrinkles and snagging.
  12. Looking at your floorplan, one other idea might be to move your bed to the center of the wall and flank it on either side with the armoires. If you got really fancy you could suspend a canopy flush with the units to give the bed the illusion of a complete built-in.
  13. Kind of like this, but with a turquoise pagoda type canopy between them, over the head of the bed:

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  14. Well I think it looks great. You might have ideas of things to change after you live with it for a little longer.
  15. Your new "walk in" looks fabulous!

    Have you thought about a screen or room divider to close it off from the room?
    The other thing I like is when a room is divided by bookshelves. Basically, either cubby holes or shelves without backs. You could put a mix of books, handbags, and pretty jewelry boxes.
    That way, you can still get some light in, but it's pretty much closed off.