My new cles just isn't me

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  1. Hi everyone, I recently bought a green perfo cles...I feel like it is just not me. :crybaby: I bought it for $189US, does anyone think i can sell it on eBay for more than that? I saw one go for 199 a couple of days ago. Any other ideas?
  2. I can only think of eBay or craigslit. It could possibly go for a little more. I can only think of those two options though. Sorry it wasn't perfect for you =(
  3. Maybe put it back in it's box & put it away for a week.
    Look at it again in a week & see how you feel. If you still aren't getting it, then you should sell.
    Best of luck!
  4. Yeah thanks guys! luckily its brand new with the box and all the tags. Gacats, I think I am going to sit on it for a week or two to see if I change my mind.
  5. Good idea.. sometimes we need to step back and think about it a little first.
  6. Good idea to sit on it for a short while! I've had my green perfo cles for a while now, and although I've switched to the new Vernis cles, the perfo cles fits my keys better than the Vernis one does!

    Plus, my bf keeps eyeing it and asks me if it would be too girly for him. Hehe! I think I know what to get him for Vday :smile:. Let us know what you decide! If you're really not feeling it, then don't hang on to it!
  7. Yes, try to put it away for a while. The bright side is it is an accessory and not a handbag.
  8. Thats true and I guess the longer I hold on to it, hopefully the value will go up....right? Its LE

  9. possibly. :graucho:
  10. Oooh yeah I agree, put it away. You might see it in different eyes when you open it up again!!!
  11. hehe I did not wait very long but I have decided to sell it. I want a vernis cles instead. Thanks everyone for chiming in and helping me!
  12. Well if you don't love it, there's no point in keeping it. I don't mind loosing a few buck and sell it a bit cheaper to get something you really love.
  13. Yeah thats exactly how I feel, I set the starting bid at 179 and I do not think it will go for much higher.
  14. let us know how it turnout in eBay..:tup:
  15. Best of luck!!
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