My New Cles in Pomme....Very Cute!!

  1. So I called Neimans at Short Hills and they were out of the Violette so I asked them to hold the Pomme for me (My fav. Vernis color anyway). Went after work and lucked out :yahoo:...I think it's very pretty. I didn't have a cles in Pomme yet. So I think it was a good choice. Now just waiting on those hearts & cosmetic case!!
  2. Lovely.:love: The new cles is sooo pretty.
    I think I want one in Pomme AND violette.:sweatdrop:
  3. Today I got the vernis key and change holder in pomme!
    Great minds think (buy) alike :graucho: Congrats - yours is really cute - I think I like it better!
  4. So pretty!!! I may have to get one
  5. Oh no, I'm in trouble...I think I want one in pomme too! It's gorgeous!! Congrats!
  6. Oh My Gosh, it is so gorgeous .... :nuts:

    I was waiting for someone to post pics of the new cles in Pomme.

    I think I may just have to go get this one. :graucho:

    Thanks for posting pics.

    Congrats on the new LV beauty!!
  7. Oh my I'm so jealous!! I am going to get one next Friday! congratz!
  8. OMG! I love these new ones!!!! I have to get one! hmmm.. pomme or violette????
  9. Love it! So pretty.
  10. Congrats. This new cles is a great size. You can fit a lot in it. I saw it in the store too, but couldn't decide between Pomme and Violette so I didn't get it yet. It also comes in Amarante. The SA said these were selling very quickly today.
  11. Thanks's always fun to post pics of new stuff here...cause you all

    They had it in Amarante as well but I have a cles in Amarante. They're so different...This one seems like it could actually hold something whereas the other cles' hold a card or two or can be used as a bag charm. I really like it.
  12. pretty.
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. very pretty.congrats!!
  15. Is the bigger size worth the $75.00 extra? The smaller vernis cles is $200.00. This new size really does look like it would hold more. And the little plaque in front is so nice! Congrats on your new purchase.