my new "classy" venetia! :)

  1. i recently won this resort 06' black venetia on eBay, for $350! this is probably one of the best deals ive gotten on a bag; it honestly looks like its never be carried. i am so psyched bc this is the bag that im always eyeing whenever i go to Nordstroms or Saks. its so classy (as my on again, off again boyfriend would say!). :yahoo: time for me to go and change bags since im currently using my bordeaux blake. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  2. yay! that was quick! i'm glad you got it already. it's a gorgeous! now, all you need is the grey quilted venetia and you'll be fairly set. i say fairly because i know they'll be more bags we'll want since we're addicts and all. :happydance:
  3. Congrats! :woohoo: That's a great deal for the bag and the fact that it's almost new! :wlae:
  4. :woohoo: Very pretty! Wow!
  5. Wow!!! She does look brand new.....Great job!!!! worth it!!
  6. I love black with gold h/w, the leather looks sooo soft, what a steal, she does look new, congrats and enjoy showing her off :smile:
  7. Wow! I love it! Congrats!!!
  8. Love the venetia! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Congrats tuffcookie!!! What a beautiful find...enjoy :tup: Like what tadpolenyc said, now we just have to find the grey quilted venetia for you and you should be set (for now! haha).
  10. beautiful! def very classy. model shoots!!!
  11. ^^ for now is right! hah i dont think ill ever been totally satisfied! :amuse: thanks for all the compliments ladies! and tadpolenyc, when im ready to buy my grey quilted venetia, ill let you know!
  12. Beautiful! such a great deal too! I love your venetia and blake! we have similar taste :yes:
  13. I have the same venetia!! It is rather pretty isn't it? I really love the interior, so rich looking!!! Congrats, Jackie wear her in good health!!:heart::yes:
  14. Beautiful!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: What a great deal! That is seriously an insane price for a that bag in its condition!!!
    I think you better change your profile signature from "Worst Luck" to "Amazing Luck".
  15. Congrats!! I love this bag! I can't believe you found one for such a great price!