My new Classic Flap, in Black Caviar (Jumbo)

  1. hey ladies!

    finally, here are some pics of my new baby! :heart: its jumbo, with gold hardware.:heart:

    i tied the chain straps from the inside so i can wear it on the crook of my arm...but i still let it out to its original length and wear it over my shoulders sometime too...very versatile!!
    IMG_2577.jpg IMG_2580.jpg IMG_2576.jpg
  2. oh you BOTH look fantastic!!! Great photos, you're adorable!
  3. LOVE!!!! It looks hot! Love your boots too! :love:
  4. ^^^ a timeless classic!! You and your bag look beautiful!!! I am currently waiting for my reissue 227 with gold hw!
  5. stunning! and you're gorgeous, too! :biggrin:
  6. This looks so hot! I just got the same bag with silver hardware. It is very chic & classic and you wear it well!
  7. Gorgeous! Love your boots too! :flowers:
  8. LOVE the bag! What a cutie you are! Enjoy it!
  9. I love it! Love your boots too!
  10. I love the jumbo classic flap! (the one I recently bought is the same as yours except for the hardware) You wear it so well!:yes:
  11. OMG - could you look any more fabulous???!??! Congrats on your gorgeous bag!!!!
  12. Beautiful bag. Congrats!
  13. Gorgeous classic bag and it looks so hip and chic on you! Congratulations!
  14. Fabulous! Love your dinning room table and mirror, too!
  15. ^^^ awwwwww....THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH for all of your sweet compliments!!!

    i got the boots for 50% off, on net a porter's fall treat sale! i think the sale is still going feel free to check it out!

    the more i use this bag, the more i love her!! i think the size is terrific for DAY TIME use, and it fits my sunglasses case, wallet, pen, cell, mints, makeup..the works! haha...

    once again, thanks gals!!! :flowers: