My new classic and question about

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought a Chanel classic flap from hirshleifers recently and got it after 2 months waiting. I was so excited about it and it is indeed a beautiful bag. However, I suddenly found a stitch at the back of the bag is loosing.

    So I brought it to the Chanel boutique this morning and they repaired it for me immediately. (I have posted the pics for stitches the corner after repairtment) I asked the sales why a new Chanel bag would have such a stitching problem and she said this is not a big issue and it doesn't mean that the bag is not good.

    However, in my opinion, a $$$$ bag is supposed to have a very good manufacture and quality . Thus I still a little bit uneasy about the quality of the Chanel bag.

    I have owned three Chanel bags and all of them are classic flaps. Two of them are bought 2 years ago. Unlike this one, both of them were in great condition when purchased. At least the stitches were perfect.

    Has anyone ever been in the same situation as mine? Is the quality of Chanel bag indeed declining or just an individual case ?

    Thank you very much!:smile:

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  2. I mean, not matter how much it is, ultimately it is still a bag --which means there could be sth like that happen.
  3. wow what material is this and which season is it from? its gorgeous! that said to answer your question - in my opinion the quality of chanel is much better in the past and prices lower too. Now it feels like a rip off - sometimes ;)