My new CL - Foxtrot in Gold!

  1. I had to share these shoes with everyone, when I first saw them on display, I thought that they were a bit much with all the different colors, but once you put them on, they are like a work of art. I couldn't help myself and I bought them in black with silver also. I love Christian, he is a genius!
  2. Gorgeous
  3. love it! can you post a pic of the black and silver also? TIA
  4. These shoes are gorgeous.
  5. Those shoes are HOT!
  6. WOW....these are great!!!!
  7. Wow! They're hot! I'd love to see the black one too!
  8. Those are some amazing shoes - yeah like wearing a piece of art! I saw them in black and silver. The shoes look higher than usual? Do you know how high?
  9. Just gorgeous!!! These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in the world!!!
  10. wow wow wow

    these are my next pair on my CL hotlist.

    congrats, they are devine
  11. oooh you got two pairs!!!! can we see the others, please :biggrin:
  12. Those are super fabulous.
  13. these are SICK!
    I think they're the best style from the current season.
    they were on Net-a-Porter and sold out instantly!
    great buy!
    : D
  14. super hot!
  15. Hot! Aren't these the ones that Beyonce has?