My new CL Decollete in Patent!!!

  1. So, I got these babies right here from Saks' website for $298! :graucho: Sweet, eh?
    CL Decollete Patent - A.jpg CL Decollete Patent - B.jpg CL Decollete Patent - C.jpg
  2. Awesome! Congrats on the deal! Feels good when you score on a sale!
  3. Nice!!!!!
  4. Nice, I like them! Congrats and that is a great price.
  5. awesome awesome deal! Love the shose too!
  6. Great deal for a great pair of shoes! Congrats.
  7. Very nice!!!
    Great price...i paid original :yucky:
  8. What a bargain.:yes: Congratulations.:tup:
  9. Amazing price - Congrats
  10. beautiful shoes
  11. Those shoes are friggin' awesome!
  12. OMG $298!!?? how did i miss out on such a good deal!
  13. wow good deal! too bad there aren't any more left.
  14. very nice heels ;)
  15. great price- I always miss the great deals!