My new City!

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  1. Hi everybody, I picked up a City in Anthracite while in Las Vegas. Here is a pic, I am very happy to finally have a Bal![​IMG]
  2. I took the mirror off. Sorry the pic is big!
  3. cute! congrats! :yahoo:
  4. congrats! she's gorgeous :nuts:
  5. beautiful - looks a perfect grey!
  6. ENjoy her in good health. She's fabulous.
  7. ohhh my she is gorgeous! congrats...
  8. Anthra city is a great neutral and classic, perfect first Bbag!

    Congrats and enjoy it!!
  9. Oh I love it! Congrats x
  10. LOVE Anthra. Congrats.
  11. Gorgeous! I love Anthra.
    Many congrats.
    And don't ever feel sorry for posting a big picture - we like those ;)
  12. I love this anthra shade... it's amazing!!
  13. Stunning! Congrats!!
  14. Ahhhhhw.... now you made me want that bag!!! ;)
  15. My s/a sent pics of 3 SGH Anthra Cities they have in stock and all had really nice color saturation and leather! It was the boutique at the Ceasers Forum Shops. Did you get to hand-pick your bag or take what was on display?