My new City w/ gold hardware

  1. I got her yesterday, I had the giant on hold too, but it was way to big for me...
    P1290002.JPG P1290003.JPG
  2. is that Marine? Very pretty!
  3. She is beautiful!!!! I am just in love with the GH. I bought a Vermillion City with GH and a Green Grass Day with GH. i just think the GH is HOT!!!

    Enjoy Her!1
  4. Lovely! Great color!!!:love:
  5. Aww thanks..

    Queenvoctoria2 she is black:flowers:
  6. Congrats!:yahoo: Beautiful marine city.
  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. really?? I would have bet Marine from the pics! Still pretty! I like the GH best on Black and Natural too!
  9. I love your Marine City! Congratulations!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. I just realized that she does look blue in these pic, but she is black;)
  11. Oops, I thought it was a Marine too! :push:

    Very pretty though! I love black bags!
  12. Oooh it's really nice!! Congrats! I'm starting to like the GH especially on dark colours!
  13. Very nice!!
  14. When I was at NM I saw the black with GH and it looked like Marine IRL.
  15. BTW I meant in my first post I had the Brief w/ griant hardware on hold...