my new cinnamon stick hillier!

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  1. So I bought this with the bloomies FF and 10% off new customer code.. i absolutely LOVE IT! I've wanted a tan hillier forever and I knew I had to purchase it with all of the codes! Sorry for the low quality pic but I sent the bag to my house and had my sister take a pic for me because I am out of the country until December!!

  2. Love it) But it's a shame that we have to wait for the modelling pics for so long...:biggrin:
  3. Love the colour!
  4. that's gorgeous , congrats!!
  5. That is a very pretty bag. Love the color! You'd better update us with proper modeling pics once you get back! :smile:
  6. hahaah I KNOW! i am sad too that I can't actually use it until I'm back but oh well, its an early xmas gift for me! Will def repost proper modeling pics when i'm home :smile:
  7. Oh that is lovely! I would go crazy waiting for my new bag that long!
  8. Loooove the colour! So yummy and perfect for every season :heart: