My new Christian Louboutin Lastic Boots

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  1. I finally tracked a pair down -- had to buy from one of the CL boutiques in NY. Here they are:

  2. Nice! They're gorgeous! Could you post a pic of the side view?
  3. Awww...pretty!!!
  4. I'll try to post a side view pic tonight.
  5. They are gorgeous! Did you have to buy them one size bigger? When i tried them my 71/2 size needed 381/2 which wasn't available.
  6. Yes, I bought them one size bigger. I got a 38. Did you try the New York boutiques? I called both and one had them and the other was out.
  7. very nice
  8. O my god... they are so beautiful.. I am still looking for mine...
  9. CUTE, those are some hot boots, congrats!
  10. Those are hot.
  11. hotness! would love to see pics of you wearing them!
    i was eyeing these in the CL boutique last week when i was visiting NY.
  12. congratulations tammy! those boots are SMOKIN HOT!!!

    quick question about they fit small or large? i went to Nordies last night and tried on a pair of louboutin bourge boots i a 39. the SA tracked down a size 7 for me but i havent tried usually a 7.5 or 7. when i tried on the 9, it felt rather small for a im just curious about how it fits.

  13. Congrats on finding the boots...yay!!!!!!!
  14. Unfortunately there is no consistency in the sizing of Louboutins. In my experience I have found that sizing varies from style to style: some run small, some run true to size, and others run big.

    Regarding the the Bourges (and the Lastics, which have a similar cut): they run small. If you are normally a 7 or a 7.5 I think a 7 would be a real stretch.
  15. ^^ thank you for the reply! i am going to call my SA later and find out about the boots...i only asked him to track down a 7 so perhpas i will ask to check other sizes as well..
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