My New Christian Louboutin Espadrilles!

  1. Look at my new Christian Louboutin Espadrilles!! I love them!:smile:
  2. Have you gotten them yet? I'm curious about the comfort level. They're darling!
  3. no, they are in the mail. I am hoping that I won't topple over!:smile:
  4. those are soo cute! I'm all about wedges this summer!
  5. They're really cute, I hope you like them :]
    I wonder if I'd have better luck with wedges, my balance sucks haha
  6. super cute and the CL wedges/espadrilles are sooo comfortable!
  7. Cute shoes. Congrats.
  8. HOw cute! Congrats!
  9. very cute! can't wait to see live pictures!
  10. will post when I receive them!:smile:
  11. Lovely! Let us know if they're at all comfortable.
  12. Great shoes, where did you buy them from?
  13. love them, very cute
  14. addicted, i have the lower ones with the ribbon bow, they are very comfy.
  15. What color are your's Savannah??

    I bought these from
    They also have a 10% off code: Mom
    but I think it expires very soon!:smile:
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