My New Chocolate Slim Flap Ali Has Arrived!!! **pics**

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME A FEW DAYS EARLY (SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6TH)!! :yahoo: My new chocolate signature slim flap Ali has arrived and she is GORGEOUS!!! An EXTRA special thank you to TejasMama and Rainbow for posting pics of this beautiful bag that I didnt even know EXISTED, and for their rave reviews on her, which enabled me to call JAX and order her!! She is a beauty! VERY comfortable on the shoulder, extremely lightweight, and quite roomy inside, even though she is a SLIM FLAP!!! LOL Also, and this is MY FAVORITE part of her.....If I slouch her down in the middle she will stand up ON HER OWN!!! So, I am going to TRAIN her to do that just like my Hampton's Hobo!! She has my favorite legacy lining inside, and she is just sooooooooo YUMMY! Chelsea is already jealous b/c I packed slim Ali up and took her for a quick run! Here is some eye candy for all of you. If you are even considering this bag slightly, make the call to JAX as there are less than 100 left! I'm soooooooooo EXCITED!!! Wanted to share w/ you guys! Here she NEW best friend....slim flap Ali!!!! :heart:
  2. I'm not a signature gal but I do like the chocolate signature the best. Very nice choice. Enjoy & Happy Birthday!
  3. I love your bag and wallet combo!! I agree that I did not know that this color exhisted in this bag!!!!! What a great find!!!!!
  4. wow, great bag!

  5. CHOCOLATE!!! That bag and wallet are delicious!:girlsigh:
  6. Congrats and happy birthday early!!! Yummy delicious chocolate!!!!!!!
  7. Beautiful bag and wallet! I will be getting a Legacy Slim Flap in denim (resort collection) for Christmas and I can hardly wait. My mom got it for me at the outlet and sent me a picture to make sure it was what I wanted....I visit that picture all the time. I love seeing all the other slim flap bags out there. I really think it's going to be one of my all time favorites!

    Enjoy your new bag and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  8. Thanks, girls! I cant stop looking at her...she is making me want a Hershey's bar!!!! :yes:
  9. I LOVE this bag in denim (who am I kidding?? I LOVE ALL bags in denim!) Cant wait til you get it and post pics. It will be Christmas before you know it!!!! And I think she will be one of your favorites!! :yahoo:
  11. OMG!!!!!!! That bag and wallet are soooo yummy!!!! TDF!!!! Congrats and happy early Birthday!
  12. Love that color! Enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  13. That is a great bag!!!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. I love the brown and black combination, haven't seen that before....very pretty :smile: