1. I had NO intention of taking home Miss Chocolate Legacy swingpack and keeping her but it just happened! LOL I really love this cute bag! Its much more roomy than I had imagined. I can fit my cell AND keys in the front pocket, lipstick, small bottle of tylenol, small bottle of antibacterial gel in the front zipper and my french wallet in the main compartment with some room to spare! (no ugly bulges!) Unfortunately, this means my Legacy hippie flap that I wore and loved at the baseball game must be sold.
    The swingpack is a better size for me and I can't see having two crossbody bags the same color and style not to mention the swingpack is LESS THAN HALF the price of the hippie! Here she is! Tell me what you think? :tup: or :tdown: Good decision? the Ban below only applies to large expensive bags..swingpacks shouldn't count! LOL
    swingger1.jpg swingger2.jpg
  2. Glad you love it! Congrats!!
  3. I think this looks gorgeous on you! Congrats! You're right--the legacy swingpack is sooo much roomier than the earlier models. You got lucky--the brown signature sold out during can't order it from JAX anymore...

    Great find!
  4. If you sell your sig hippie on eBay, I'm sure it will find a good home quickly!
  5. Yes, keeping my fingers crossed. :smile:
  6. I know! I wasn't expecting them to still have some. If anyone is interested my store still had several of these left as of yesterday. Its the Chandler, AZ store. :yes: Only $133 after PCE discount!
  7. I love the choco sig swingpack!! Sorry that you're losing the sig hippie though. But the swingpack looks great on you and congrats!
  8. Oh I looooove that sig swingpack. I've been thinking about getting another swingpack too, and I can't beleive how much stuff you can fit in yours! I can only fit my keys, wristlet and cell phone in my regular swingpack. I have it in Khaki, and I was wanting the choc. sig. but they didn't have it at the time and I just couldn't wait, so I went with the Khaki, but I'd loooove to have a legacy one. You're so lucky! Congrats! And you're probably right about the hippie, but the good news is that once you sell it, you'll have more $$$ for the Bleecker line!
  9. :nuts:'re so bad! You're enabling a member on a BAN! LOL....Mommyville will not like this! LOL :bagslap:
  10. I like both bags! But I understand you don't need two.
    And inexpensive things like swingpacks certainly don't count on your ban :graucho:.
    BTW thanks for the bully info!
  11. As her ban buddy, she is NOT allowed to make ANY more purchases until..umm...ummmm....tomorrow????!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao: Seriously now....I LOVE this bag on you...I am sooooooo happy you found this one and that you love it and I hope your hippie bag finds a new home VERY soon!!!!!