My new Chocolate Paddy is here...

  1. It's here, my new Chocolate Paddy shoulder bag. My first Chloe! :love: I'm so psyched :yahoo:....but I can't see it yet. Aiieeee!

    My teenage son is home today (our county schools are on a weird schedule and they have a week off), and he called to say that my package from Nordy's was just delivered. He said he feared for his life if he didn't call to tell me that it had arrived. I have him trained well!

    Then, he started taunting me with it. "I'm looking at it now. Do you want me to open the box? I could open it for you. I'm touching it." I told him to step away from the box, and that if he opens it before I get home, he will have to fear for his life! :hysteric: (My son's a blackbelt and bigger than me, that's really an empty threat, but we parents have to at least try to keep up appearances... :graucho:)

    He continued, unfazed. "I'm looking at the box, and you're not. It has a blue sticker on it. It's from Nordstrom...Tyson's Corner in Virginia. It's brown. I could open it for you, just a little bit...and peek inside!" :upsidedown:

    I asked him to put the box in the office for me and close the it will be waiting there patiently for me to open when I get home. The really bad part is that I have a hair appointment after work, so I won't be home until 7:30 - nine whole hours from now! How will I survive? Should I reschedule my appointment until next week?
  2. Congrats!!! :yahoo: OMG!!! I would be dying!!! I don't know if you should reschedule your appointment or not... I think I would be tempted to but maybe the longer wait will make it even sweeter when you finally open it??

    Chocolate is such a gorgeous color, you gotta post pics for us!!! :love:
  3. no! Keep the hair appointment, then take piccies when you get home. Not only will you have the best bag on your arm, you will look fantastic too :biggrin:
  4. ^ Good point chloe-babe!!! Ok I agree too, keep the appointment! :heart:
  5. Keep the hair appointment though I completely understand it will be torture!! But I agree with Chloe-babe - you will look so fab with your new bag!!:yes: Very excited for you!!
  6. Oooh! Good idea! Maybe I should schedule a late dinner date with my fiance... :graucho:
  7. hippiechick, This could well turn into your perfect day :biggrin:
  8. :lol: ROFL! It certainly could! I had a nice lunch with an old friend (including dessert), and later I'll have cute hair, and then new Chloe.... My son's now away for the weekend and my fiance's been out of town for a few days, so he should be especially happy to come home. :devil:

    Coincidentally, the outfit I'm wearing today will go really well with dark chocolate-brown leather. :angel:
  9. How exciting! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics! BTW love your pooch!
  10. Congrats!!! Post pics when you can.
  11. are you home yet???
  12. There is no selling on the PF!
  13. Hehehehee! :lol: After I got home last night and opened :yahoo: my package, my sweetie took me out to dinner...and after that we went right to bed. :graucho:

    Today, I bring you the photos! But first, I just have to say how much I love this bag. The size is perfect, and the chocolately leather is just...TDF!:love: I tried to capture the texture in the photos but I'm not sure how successful I was. Seriously, it's smunchy and wonderful. :drool: When I was out at dinner last night, the Paddy was sitting next to me in the booth, and I just kept petting it and cuddling it. :heart: It is heavy, but it's not bad considering that it's a good-sized leather bag. "She ain't heavy...she's my Paddy!" OK that was silly. On to the pics!

    Edit: I forgot to mention the smell...divine! I kept her in the office last night, and when I went in this morning, the whole room smelled like yummy leather.
    paddy1_w.jpg paddy3_w.jpg paddy4.jpg paddy5_w.jpg paddy6_w.jpg
  14. Thanks! Guinness (pooch) is a sweet girl, with an adorable bouncy personality. Love her to bits...when I can keep her from chewing everything in sight.:hysteric:
  15. She's beautiful! The perfect bag for the new season. Congratulations from a very envious Londoner!