My new Chocolate Matte Hug Me

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  1. This is the cutest little bag! I got the small size and it's so much bigger than I expected. As usual, the chocolate matte doesn't fail and radiates the perfect yummy chocolate color. It's definitely too small to wear on my shoulders but it's quite comfortable to carry or carry in the crook of your arm. I have tried to double the messenger strap so I can carry it on my shoulder and it works "ok" I would do it when I'm tired of holding it, but it does tend to torque a little contorting the bag's shape.

    I really like the design of this bag. I was skeptical because I had a Gerard Darel drape bag and all of my stuff always got shifted or lost in it because it was so shapeless. This bag has enough structure to keep your items in place but there is enough give to make it wearable and comfortable.

    Jackie, this is definitely a winner in my book!
    Flat.jpg Modeling in crook of arm.jpg Strap doubled through.jpg Modeling on shoulder.jpg
  2. Congrats with a bag in one og the best leathers ever!!:yes:
    Yes, the bag is not that small at all, and you look fabulous with it!!
  3. Wow! It's so pretty! Chocolate matte is beautiful in this style too!! I see now how you've done your shoulder strap. Mine has a padded piece (the actually name of that piece escapes me now of course!) so it isn't just a solid leather strap. Hope I make sense. Someone else can explain it better I'm sure!

    Anyway, gorgeous bag! Congratulations!
  4. Superb bag - it really suits you. You are making me want something in Chocolate Matte more and more. I love your clever trick with the strap - very inventive.
  5. oooh i am going to try the strap trick on my black glossy!!! that's so clever!!!
    lovely bag and it suits you. it looks yummy in chocolate!
  6. Thanks everyone! I can't stop petting her!!! The chocolate matte is definitely one of my favorite leathers from BE
  7. very cute!
  8. Wow! That bag is so pretty in the matte chocolate! Does it feel comfortable? Congratulations!
  9. It's pretty comfortable so far. I like how I have a lot of different options in carrying it. The leather is a little stiff from being new but from my experience the chocolate matte breaks in very nicely.
  10. Very pretty, congrats! I love it in this leather and you're right it's not really small.
  11. i love what you did with the strap! I have that same strap for my choco matte hug me and wish i had thought of that before ordering the adjustable messanger strap.
  12. What a beautiful bag. The chocolate matte looks heavenly in every photo I've ever seen of it & I love the Hug Me style.
  13. Love your new bag the leather is gorgeous - enjoy.
  14. That is just scrumptous looking!
  15. congrats!! awesome, gorgey bag!! And the strap trick---genius! thanks for the picture demonstrating that.