My New Chocolate Chloe Paddy!

  1. Hi everyone, I am thrilled with this new chloe paddington! I purchased it recently on ebay from a very reliable ebayer, but I am posting it to see what you all think about authenticity. My understanding is that it is a newer/2006 model (hence, the dark lining, I think).
    I am great at authenticating Louis Vuittons but I am a novice with Chloe. PLEASE let me know what you think! Any input GREATLY appreciated.
    1small.JPG 2small.JPG 3small.JPG 4small.JPG 5small.JPG 6small.JPG 10small.JPG 11small.JPG 12small.JPG 7small.JPG
  2. ...a little more detail on my new paddy (and the pics): I took the pics on a cloudy day so the color does look a lot darker than it actuall is. The 3rd to last and last pic both look more like the actual color. Also, I am wondering if anyone with retail-purchased/definitely authentic bags could post some details on the authentic Chloe dust bags, ie softness/fabric, string ties, any inside labels, etc. I think that often a dead giveaway on a fake can be the dust bag. Thanks!
  3. Looks real to me!

    I had a fake choco in my hands and just felt wrong. No other way to put it.

    But when I got my real whiskey and mousse bags a few weeks later-- LOVE!!! :girlsigh:

    Congrats, enjoy and I am so jealous of your choco!
  4. That's really nice..congrats!
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. If anyone else out there is a Chloe expert I would love your opinion. I am just not certain about this. Thanks!
  6. Why don't you give us the seller's name? We'll definitely recognize it if it is well known here on the board.

    It looks good to me. The leather looks very uniform in texture but that is sometimes typical on 2006 bags. Anyone purchasing on ebay is taking a risk. I'm not even sure I would 100% trust a reliable seller. I need to know exactly where my bag came from.
  7. I think it is beautiful. Congrats on a great bag!!
  8. Thanks everyone! The ebay auction number is: 330008156277. The seller I purchased the bag from is debsmith on Purse Forum (she and I discussed the idea of posting the bag so here it is...). I hope this helps. Thanks!
  9. congrats!!!Great colour