My New Chocolate Chloe Ascot!! **PICS**

  1. This is the Chocolate Ascot I scored on sale for $428 on! The leather is soft and the strap fits comfortably on my shoulder!!!:yahoo:
    ChloeAscot_1.jpg ChloeAscot_2.jpg
  2. You are so funny! Did you go to the 'Mall Bathroom' to take that pic with your phone...laughing!

    Unfortunately it's a little fuzzy but the dimensions seem to suit you quite nice. MORE PICTURES.
  3. congrats! it looks nice
  4. it looks great on you! and what a amazing deal!
  5. Looks fabulous on you! Congrats!
  6. Well done thats a real steal. I used to have the tote style of this but I prefer your hobo style
  7. :party: Great purchase!!!
  8. Congrats, what an amazing deal!! :yes:
  9. Wow I have never seen this before. I LOVE hobo style bags :love:
  10. Congrats, from a fellow Ascot-er!
  11. It looks hot on you Totoro! Congrats on a fantastic deal!
  12. That is a steal! And so cute. congrats.
  13. Wow, what a steal! I tried to order this a while ago, but my order got cancelled. Glad someone from TPF managed to score one!
  14. i also had my order cancelled twice actually on that bag- GOOD FOR YOU!!! Cangrats! I would love to see some nice close ups insides all the georgeousness of your new bag- take some more pics please :drool: :drool: I would LOVE to see!:cutesy: