My New Chocolate Bottega!


No such thing as too many
Feb 6, 2006
Well, I did it! I went to the BV store on Friday and left with a new hobo. The SAs were really friendly, and said "here she is, your new bag! You can watch her being born!" (brought to the counter and put into a sleeper) They offer a great service where you can bring it back to the store within the first 12 months you own it, and they will send it out for conditioning, etc. After a year it's $65 each time... Anyway, I'm in love- (again!) :love:


Jan 18, 2006
Beautiful bag! Did you get it at the store on 5th Ave? I LOVE that store! It is soooo beautiful inside. I think it's one of the most beautiful boutiques on 5th!

Enjoy the bag! The leather is some of the softest out there!