My New Chloe!!!

  1. Want to tell EVERYONE that I just purchased a Chloe Silverado!!!! :yahoo: This is only my second ever major purse purchase, and it is so exciting! Was looking through the Bergdorf Goodman online sale section, and there it was! The color is chamois, the size is medium, and it looks gorgeous. Best of all it was 50% off, so I don't have to feel quite so guility. Does anyone else have this bag/color combo? How does it wear? Is dirt a problem? Thanks for any insight on this and for sharing my moment!!!
  2. Congrats Lily!!! It's a terrific color :smile: Can you post pics??
  3. Congrats!!! :yahoo: Silverados are beautiful! I can't wait to see pics!!! :nuts:
  4. Well, I'm just disgusted!! :yucky: First, a thank you to the gals who were kind enought to post congratulations to me on my new acquistion, but sad to say that it was a false alarm. Turns out Bergdorf Goodman didn't actually have any of the Silverados they were advertising in stock, so they cancelled my order. When I talked to their customer service department, they were sorry, but they had no supply left and were unable to get more. No waiting lists, no concession credits towards another handbag, nothing, just "sorry". Granted, it was a sale handbag, but it was still $650+ dollars and that is a HUGE amount for me. I've never shopped with BG before, and maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I expected that they would do more --do something--to make up for a screw up on their part. So, no new bag for me:crybaby: but I appreciate you letting me vent!
  5. Oh lily - HUGE bummer :sad: Hopefully you can come across another one soon.
  6. Gah - I'm really sorry to hear that Lily. :sad: I feel like they should have done something.
  7. Sorry lily6311. It has happened to me also with BG & NM. It seems when the "good" bags get to 50% off they usually have one left and I think their system overloads.
    Keep watching, it might appear again, and if it does call them, don't place your order online.
    Good Luck!
  8. ahhh, sorry to hear that Lilly. I really hope you find one somewhere else, still for a great price :smile:
  9. Ladies-
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm kind of surprised that this has happened to others. I guess I thought inventory was more closely monitored or something???? Anyway, as I mentioned earlier this was only my second major purse purchase, and I'd still like to try and buy a Chloe. I may be cutting off my nose to spite myself, but I'd rather not give BG or NM the business. Are there other sites that you "veterans" shop at that offer Chloes on sale from time to time? Sorry to have to be a stickler, but price really is an issue. Thanks again. I LOVE this site!
  10. Sorry to hear the bad news. Their customer service really sucks, I don't deal with Bergdorf anymore since they screwed me up twice! They should at least give people a discount on something for the trouble they caused and believe me they screw up more than people know on the online orders.
  11. i'm so sorry! i can imagine how dissappointed (and pissed off) you must be. i'm not sure if this is a good time for sales but at the end of the season i would definitely check this forum or deals and steals for updates!
  12. Yeah, I'm not happy with Bergdorfs online customer service either, they really suck for the lack of a better word! I didn't have a problem getting my bag but there were some minor issues with it and they were pretty much like "we don't care, if you don't want it return it" I was very surprised, what the heck ever happened to customer service, this world is so mixed up with material things right now (not that I don't help contribute to it) but really, some of these stores and SA's act like they're doing us a favor just by selling an item to us, like oh they're so limited, be happy your getting this one, and not like oh, thank you for spending thousands of dollars at our establishment, please come again. SOMETHING has to change, sorry for the ranting, but really, I've been buying much online now and only with companies I know have good customer service! I hope these stores realize what they are doing wrong!
  13. aw i'm sorry to hear that lily! it seems online stores (whether it's NM, BG, or Bloomies) tend to do this to us, esp on sales items! i dont understand why they would post something they don't have in stock or they don't know for sure they will get shipment for them. it really sucks when they do this. and CS are usually a piece of ****. they never solve anything. many people had similar situations before with another store and now this. it's just sad.
  14. Sorry to hear that, lily6311. Maybe you can call & speak to an SA/Customer Service & ask them to call you whenever they have another Chloe bag on sale.