My new Chloe Whiskey Paddy is here!!!!!!!! So excited.........

  1. Thanks to all of you that helped me with getting her authenticated. It was a terrific transaction.

    It is beautiful. The leather is wonderful and smooshy. Pebbly in some areas and smooth in others. Looks to be in great condition. You can't tell that it's not brand new.

    I plan on using her tomorrow.

    Here she is




  2. GORGEOUS! Looks like you landed a perfectly smooshy and pebbly whiskey. You will LOOOOOVE this color. It is saturated with color. I always get compliments on the color when I carry my whiskey paddington.

    Wear her in good health!!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL whiskey paddy!! I too am a whiskey paddy owner and it is such a lovely deep and rich color!:heart:
  4. Your bag is so beautiful. I have been dying to get one too. Soon, I hope. Have fun wearing it.
  5. Congrats Piperlu, so happy for you. You chose a good one :biggrin:
  6. Very lovely! Great Choice!
  7. Love It!
  8. Your bag is beautiful!! :love: cograts!
  9. Gorgeous!!! Congrats! =)
  10. Beautiful!
  11. congrats!
  12. Gorgeous! That color is amazing! Enjoy in good health!
  13. Piperlu,congratulations, that is a beautiful bag. I will have to add whiskey to my "wish list".
  14. Congratulations. Absolutely Gorgeous she is.
  15. Beautiful paddy! Congratulations.