My New Chloe Susanna Boots in Red!!

  1. I think you should order a size 6,5 - I also have Acne Pistol in size 6, they run quite large in size. The last time I checked - Department Feminim still has the size on stock.
  2. Really???? You think I should order the 6.5 from there? I am so confused. I don't want to get the wrong size. So you wear a 6 in Acne Pistol boots too? Did you also buy the 6.5 in the Chloes? Also I can't figure out the money denomination on that website, it says they will be 735.79, what is that in US dollars? Thanks so much!
  3. Perhaps u should order them at forwardforward? Isn't there tax rules when u place an order on a european onlineshop? I ordered mine in a size 6,5, but i usually fit a size 37 in most brands.
    Mine pistol is also a size 6.
  4. Are they still available in 6.5 at Forward Forward?
  5. If you buy at department feminin you actually will save at least $250 us!!
  6. You can pre-order them in 6,5 at Forward by Elyse Walker :smile:
  7. REALLY??? How is that? I will order right now! How much will I end up paying? If I buy from Saks I will pay like $1435 with tax and shipping. Thanks for your help!
  8. At departement feminin, i paid $ 966.16 total with the VAT Subtracted plus with the coupon CHLOE12, i was able to have it shipped for free.

    I did pay $ 28.00 UPS duty.
    But total is still less than $ 1000 US which is still a lot of savings.

    Plus when i returned them, the return was free.

    They are awesome.. and when the package arrives, it is so lovely!!!

    Good luck!;)

  9. You should order it from department feminine.. The owner is helpful and sweet!
  10. More detailed pics of my boots :smile:
    image-978310541.jpg image-2687334676.jpg image-4025670350.jpg image-2701447637.jpg image-1887568129.jpg
  11. OMG gorgeous!!! I AM DYING TO ORDER THEM, I am so afraid they won't fit, but I will go with the 6.5. Yours look amazing on you!
  12. Thanks a lot :smile:
    If you are a true size 37, then u should be able to fit them.. I am often a size 37. You will still have the chance to send them back, if it shiuld be the case, where the boots dont fit you,.
  13. OK I am gonna order them.........I hope the 6.5 is the right choice. Is that the size you got? Are you a true size 37? Do you ever wear a size 6.5? I am between a 6.5 and a 7 in most shoes. I just hope the 6.5 in the Chloes are not too big
  14. Omg i just ordered them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Size 6.5.......please pray they fit, i don't want to have to exchange them!!!