My New Chloe Susanna Boots in Red!!

  1. Thanks so much for the reply! :flowers: Someone should start a thread of outfit shots with the Chloe Susan/Susanna's ;)!
  2. ^Hm...have a feeling they might not be as nice as the gold IRL, but hard to tell. Has anyone seen these in real life? :smile:
  3. Bit the bullet and bought the red ones. I can only find the black ones on other websites, and it would cost $400+ more :thinking: so will try these for sizing and to see if I really really like them (and if they're worth the $).

  4. Congrats for taking the plunge!
    I'm waiting on a red pair too, total impulse buy last week :shame:
    Though I do have a black pair from last season so I know how comfortable & wearable they are :smile:
  5. I ordered the black and they will be in my hot little hands tomorrow morning! Thanks Eilene for the intel! Saks has the black in stock right now if you're looking for them ladies!
  6. In the smaller sizes how does this shoe run? I'm a US 5... And I know most people are sizing from half to a full size down. I pre-ordered a 35 as that is the smallest I could find (and even that was a small feat finding a place with that size). Being a true US 5 will the 35 really still fit much too big?

  7. Just one opinion, but I think you may be okay. Worth a try, since you aren't going to find anything tinier. I was afraid to go down a whole size from my usual, so I went a half size. It fits well, snugly. Later I tried my usual size and it was not unwearable. If I'd put a gel thingy in the heel, where it slipped some, it would have been okay. It felt a little longer, which in my case didn't seem a problem, and a little wider, but not much. I hope yours fit! If not, I guess you could try the python. They supposedly run small!
  8. Ooh thanks for that info! This definitely makes me feel a little more reassured. I'm so used to adding gel insoles and the like because my size is rarely to be found, hah!

    If all else fails I will definitely seek out the python! :smile:
  9. Not sure how they run after I read page after page of conflicting recommendations... I ended up ordering my true size 7.5 US because I prefer a thicker sock with boots for comfort so if they are a bit big it will be okay... I should receive them soon so I will report back...
  10. Can't wait to see them on you!! :smile: I hope they fit you perfectly!

    I hope mine fit as well. I think my pre-order doesn't arrive until Sept 30 so I have such a wait. Will have to make do with fabulous pics from those in this thread! :upsidedown:
  11. So who's up for a reveal? :graucho:
  12. I am, but I hate suspense! Please rip that box open!
  13. Okay!:roflmfao:
  14. Drumroll...

    TA DA!
  15. So CLEARLY I absolutely ADORE these bad boys! I've never seen them in real life so now I know what all the fuss is about! They are simply GORGEOUS!!!

    As for fit... I bought my regular size and they are a tiny bit big (heal slips a bit) but they are exactly like I like my boots to fit... I absolutely hate for my feet to feel constricted so I will get a little pad for the back and keep this size!

    Here are a couple of mod-ish shots...
    CS4.jpg CS5.jpg