My New Chloe Susanna Boots in Red!!

  1. These have been my holy grail of shoes for years and I finally ordered them. They came in the mail only hours ago and I can't wait to share them with the world! ;):biggrin:



    photos by me

    is an understatement!

    i have both the Susan and now the Susanna (both black) and that red is also somewhere on my list! *SIGH*
  3. Congrats! They are gorgeous!!! :woohoo:
  4. They are gorgeous! The red looks more burgundy compared to Barney's stock photos.
    Do they run large? NAP suggest sizing down one full size.
  5. Love these, and just replaced my own. Congrats!

    I only sized down a half size, based on what was available, and mine are fine. I have narrow heels and no size fits them well, but my forefoot is a little bit wider. Someone with a really narrow foot might need that whole size down. They are bright red, btw.
  6. Beautiful! I purchased my own true size. But I have wide feet and narrow heels. I'm typically a sz 36.5 or 37. More of a 37 due to my wide feet. I found I could wear either the 36.5 or 37 tbh. I bought the black in 37 and the cream in 36.5. The black fit differently on me then the cream. I guess if they are handmade that can happen.

    Love the red!!! Congrats!
  7. Fabulous!
  8. Love love them... Congrats!!
  9. Wow! Gorgeous!
  10. thanks everyone! For me they fit pretty true to size. Im a US9 in most things but a 40 in Wang shoes (they run small) and a 40 in Louboutins..i got a 39.5 because I have that size in a few other chloe shoes and these fit perfect! I can't wait to plan their debut outfit!
  11. BEAU-TI-FUL, simply:cool:Fun, cool and timeless in my opinion!
    I am waiting for the red and have both ivory 2008 and new black 2012.

    I just regret they haven't released the GREEN, never seen in real life, but so... unforgettable in pictures!
  12. Same for me! I have the 2008 in cream and the 2012 in black, both 37, but the black is narrow and smaller (also due to the 2008 leather, thinner in lambsin, and the 2012 leather in calf, more "thick"... I suppose).
  13. congrats! How do you plan to wear these? Can we get some mod pix please?!?!? :biggrin:
  14. yes yes...I'd LOVE some mod pics!!!! congrats on such a beautiful pair.

    I was fondling them yesterday at Holt Renfrew on bloor street. A small part of me wanted to try them on, but decided against it bc I knew it would be tough walking away from them.

    They are stunning and have a very high craftsmanship.
  15. Same here! Both mine are 2012 though. My black feels narrower too. My black 37 and cream 36.5 are the same length though :thinking:when matching them up heel to heel.

    I did try on both colors in sz 37 and sz 36.5 in store. I can say consistently that the blacks felt narrower and smaller in the store. Which is why I went with 36.5 in cream and 37 in black. My wide feet make it hard to find the correct size!