My new Chloe sunglasses (Fergie owns them too)

  1. I purchased these glasses yesterday:

    (Picture from PopSugar)

    I had no idea that Fergie was spotted wearing them until I read PopSugar this afternoon. I LOVE them! I sold all of my sunglasses a few months ago and have been searching for the perfect sunglasses since; so, I was incredibly happy to find these.

    What do you guys think? I'm picture-shy so I'm not going to post myself with them, but will try to post actual pictures later.
  2. I love the shape of them. I'm sure you will rock them justl like fergie.
  3. Looks cute! But Fergie will always look odd to me.
  4. I love them!!!! :yes: They look really dark too, I love that!!!!:happydance:
  5. OMG! I just bought them last week! They fit me perfectly! I hope you enjoy them like I do.
  6. Omg they are beautiful.
  7. congrats, so cute.
  8. Wow i love them! can u buy them online?
  9. love them! & I can't believe it! a pic of Fergie & she doesn't look a total mess!! & even more shocking! no bodily fluid stains! wow!
  10. I think Neiman Marcus has them online in black and brown.
  11. Congrats! Very hot!
  12. I think really trendy and cool.
  13. Love those! :nuts: Very cool.
  14. I think they look a bit too wide for her, and is she pregnant?
  15. so cute and very stylish. i love the oversized frames. i just bought a pair of oversized burberry's that i adore. have fun wearing them, i'm sure you'll be getting lots of compliments!