my new chloe side pocket tote/satchel paddy!!

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  1. so some of you may have read my previous post about having purchased a side pocket paddy from bloomingdales and then going back the next day due to no key. haha I was so dumb, the key was in the pocket!! blahh oh well, I'm estatic though because this was the only chocolate color left. THIS BAG IS GORGEOUS i loooove it. i carried it with me for the first time to the airport today haha. It is so heavy though, my whole back aches from carrying it. Its pretty worth it though, the bag is so lux, I must admit even though it was a birthday present from my parents, spending 2 grand on a bag was reallly out there for me, but now i feel like theres a whole new world of bagdom I'm being sucked into ahhhh. i'm scared of the horror stories about the lock wearing away, and the leather in the front is kind of pebbly looking but I'm going to rock the vintage-y vibe! SOOO EXCITED
    the pics dont really show how gorgeous the bag really is, the color is a really rich chocolate with hints of burgundy when the sun shines on it. im horrible at taking pictures and the lightings bad so try to keep that in mind!

    Photo 221.jpg Photo 223.jpg Photo 224.jpg
  2. Oh so many perfect paddys around here today..!!:nuts: Maggie that's absolutely gorgeous in both colour and style, congrats..!!:love: This definitely starts your paddington craze which me many others are sweetly suffering :drinkup:
  3. haha that's funny & GREAT that you didn't have to go thru with searching for a new bag/key! Your bag looks gorgeous on you and I'm sure you will get much use with it's generous size. What a nice gift from your parents!!! :love:
  4. +sonja+ Cheers to that!:drinkup:Luckily last year when Paddy came out, I was pregnant and thinking only about baby stuff. Now that I'm back to my old self & body again, it's been trouble:roflmfao: This weekend I found a Chocolate satchel that's supposed to be really pebbly and in immaculate condition from Nordies Walnut Grove that I ordered.:graucho: I had no idea I would be coming home with chocolate zippy today! Is it not wise to have 3 paddys of the same color? :s Well, it would be 2 chocolates and 1 Brun (similar with chocolate but with no burgundy) I find the dark brown leather really goes with everything. I can't wait to get it and see how I feel about all 3 together :flowers:
  5. Congrats!! :yahoo: I'm so happy the key was there all along (that chocolate is too gorgeous to give up!!) I love the leather and size... just lovely~ :love: :heart: Enjoy her!! :flowers:
  6. Gorgeous color!!! Congrats Maggiie! =)
  7. Congrats! I hope it's just the first in a row of other great bags you'll have!!
  8. Funny how we ladies will take any pain for the sake of fashion. I love your bag, enjoy her!! Congrats!