My new Chloe paraty in desert mauve

  1. Love this color! Congrats!
  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Wish i can get myself one :sad:
  3. Really gorgeous!
  4. Love it!!!
  5. hey :smile: just wondering... is the desert mauve a cool color or a warm color?
  6. Hmmmm, thats a tough question but I think it would be more warm than cold!
  7. Yeah it probably has a slight warm tone :smile: thanks!
  8. I would say it's definitely a warmer hue.
  9. great color!!!
  10. Gorgeous color and bag. I want this or the eggplant paraty. I Can't decide or even find a desert mauve at the moment. Great purchase!
  11. Gorgeous color! I was hoping to get one too, but was told that it is no longer available in Paris boutique.
  12. Thanks! I wore it out today after a long hibernating period! It's such a gorgeous colour...I'll let you know if I see any around!
  13. The more i look at the bag, the more I love it! The color is beautiful... You are so lucky! does the color darken with time? Do u mind posting a recent picture of the bag?
  14. No the colour has not darkened at all! I don't think any Chloe bags change colours over time! Not to my knowledge anyways!!

    I'll post recent pics soon..
  15. So beautiful!!!:smile::smile: