My new Chloe paraty in desert mauve

  1. Thanks for the compliments everyone...

    now for your viewing pleasure I took outdoor pics of the bag
    Chloedesert1.jpg Chloedesert2.jpg Chloedesert3.jpg
  2. It's stunning!
  3. lovely
  4. Wow thanks for the recent pics. The color looks even more beautiful outdoors. soo pretty! You're so lucky.
  5. I love it!!! What size is this?

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  6. This is the medium size and it's perfect!

    I also saw the military Paraty and the leather is quite different yet absolutely stunning! But because the leather was so thick the bag looked a lot fatter!
  7. beautiful - enjoy!
  8. That is one beautiful bag, Congrats.
  9. Quite a unique colour - it's quite hard to judge from the photos? Love the bag structure.
  10. Mauve is a dream color! So pretty. Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. Congrats on your new beauty, I love the color.
    Does anyone know is it available in USA?
  14. congratz!!! :smile: Gorgeous bag!!
  15. Wow congrats! I saw this at our Holts too (on April 17) and I could not figure out official colour/name. I had to ignore her as best I could because I bought my Celine Trapeze that day.

    HG Bags had dusty mauve at the time but I wondered if the Holts Paraty was antique rose or not! Oooh, I wish, I wish...