My new Chloe paraty in desert mauve

  1. I picked up this bag at Holts today...
    I was so excited about seeing it in person before buying it and it was love at first sight! I gasped at the colour and instantly fell inlove!

    It's hard to get good pics so I took a few shots in different lighting!
    image-3099138765.jpg image-3348661128.jpg image-3702754164.jpg
  2. That is gorgeous Mona!
  3. Thanks Addy, worth every penny!
    I can't stop staring at the colour....
  4. Beautiful! I just love the Paraty in soft, pretty colors! Congratulations on your lovely.
  5. I agree, after having (and sold) a few Paraty bags in darker colours, lighter colours do pop a lot more in this style...
  6. Love it! Perfect for the coming summer.

  7. Oooooh girl, she is GORGEOUS. CONGRATS! This color is just perfect.
  8. This is a beautiful color.Congrats. How would you describe the color? Is it more beigey or pinkish?
  9. It's really very subtle mauve with dusty pink hues!
    Such an amazing colour that's hard to describe or picture!

    I'll do daylight pics tmrw!
  10. Lovely color!
  11. So pretty!
  12. Congrats on your new beauty, Mona! I love this color -- so pretty and feminine!!
  13. Gorgeous colour.
  14. Congrats! That's a really pretty color! Now I'm wavering on my next purchase...
  15. that is stunning! congrats on a gorgeous addition to your family!