My new Chloe has arrived!

  1. My new Chloe arrived last week and I love it so much!!:yahoo:. Here are some photos, let me know what you think!!:wlae:
    chloe1.jpg chloe2.jpg
  2. ahh its so cute. Is this one known as the capsule paddington?

    its lovely congratulations.
  3. oh wow! beautiful the color!!
  4. Congrats~ :heart: Is beautiful, I like the colour!!!
  5. Did you happen to find her on sale?
  6. no it was not on sale, I payed £995.00! but worth every penny!!

  7. Congrats! What kinds of outfits are you going to wear that stunner with? You must post a modeling pic in the "Your Chloe in Action" thread!
  8. yes I will most defiantly post a picture when I am all dressed up:smile:. I first used it over the weekend at my friends daughter's 18th! Outfits will be summery!!
  9. its a very nice color, pls post pix modelling it!!
  10. Cute bag, congrats!!!
  11. Thanks to you all!!:smile:
  12. Here is me with my new Chloe!!:smile: