My new Chloe Elvire

  1. Hey! I thought I'd share my new bag. I love this bag! It's very original and extremely versatile! I also love the color. It's deliciously rich and it's a color that I've never seen before. It's brownish/olivish and goes well with a lot of colors. What I like about the bag is that it's big and has many compartments. I took pictures of the bag from different angles so you see what I mean. It's a definite upgrade for Chloe. They just keep getting better and better. I'm dying for the new small lock Paddington which has a chain. It's to die for! I'm waiting for the right color, which hasn't come out yet according to the SA.




  2. Congrats, nice bag.
  3. Congrats on your new Chloe - the leather looks amazing.
  4. Yasmin87 - I love your bag...hope you have a strong arm. I bought this very bag in the deep chocolate brown (moca) two days ago. The leather is beautiful, I love the elephant texture. I wore it for less than an hour before my arm ached, and my thumb went numb. :sad: When loaded, it weighs a ton. I've never returned a bag, but back this went, today.

    I tried the cross body version, which I would have gladly bought, except it has some goofy shoulder strap/cross body strap combo. You can tuck the shoulder strap in the bag when you wear it cross body, but the long strap just hangs there when you use the shoulder strap...and not in a good way.

    I hope you can enjoy your bag. I traded mine in for a Jimmy Choo Ramona...much lighter, and equally lovable.
  5. jburgh, I know what you mean. Yes, it's a tad heavy. You're right about the cross body version having a goofy shoulder strap. Good choice with the Ramona. I have one and I absolutely love it! If I had to choose between the Ramona and the Elvire, I'd definitely go the Ramona! Have fun with it, darling! Best of luck!
  6. Wow thats very different! Can't wait to see modelling pics!
  7. congrats & Enjoy!!!!!
  8. Congrats.
  9. Beautiful... I tried out this bag at Nordstrom's yesterday, and I thought it was lovely. Congrats!

    If it's heavy, just think of the arm workout you are giving yourself. Call it 'secret arm exercises' if you have to... whatever it takes to justify having this beautiful purse.
  10. oohh, its different, but i love it!
  11. congrats! i saw a similar style in person and loved it!
  12. Lovely bag..i love the colour! i seen the black and the brown at harvey nichols and they were to die for!! way out of my budget a bit suprised that its heavy...when i tried it i thought it felt light lol probably was in a daze cause of the beauty of the bag...
  13. The Elvire was a definate no no for me when they first came out just a month or so ago....but now it is growing on me................which is bad news for my bank account :push:

    I really like the colour and style of yours - it's lovely :heart:

    The leather looks lovely and remind me of the bubbles on a Fendi Spy :drool:

    Enjoy! :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations! And thanks for posting several pics of the bag too. I love to read comments, but love to see the bag even more!
  15. Congrats yasmin! your bad is tdf. I am dying to see this color irl. I bought the black one a few months ago and I love it. Not too many people were so crazy about it at first but I think the leather on this one will win many people over when they see irl.

    I love all the pockets too! I don't think it's so heavy though, definitely not like a paddy (which I don't find heavy either).

    Again, conrats. She's a beauty!