My New Chloe Edith Bag!!!

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  1. Yeah, I'll have to wait until May to finally get this bag, but I'm SOOOOOOO excited (just ordered it from B/G)!! Wooo Hoooo!!! :biggrin: :nuts:

  2. too pretty!

    i had one on preorder last night for about an hour (the medium in whiskey) but i have to stay focused on my crusade for a white bag. so i will enjoy yours vicariously!
  3. what a pretty bag in a pretty colour!!
    wow...until may!! be strong girl!:lol:
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats, ceejay!
  5. I love that color! Chamois? Smokin!
  6. Congrats CeeJay!!! Can't wait to get the pics from May? What color did you order?? Love Edith!
  7. Sorry I miss the attached pics. I saw's sooo very nice!! Congrats!!
  8. Please post pics!!! Congrats!
  9. wow, seems like lots of us here are either contemplating or on the wait list for this beauty!
  10. the long wait sucks though:evil:
  11. I hate the long waits too!
  12. Very nice! That is a beautiful color.
  13. i heart the color
  14. Congrats! I love the color. Of course, when you get the bag, you must post pictures!
  15. nice!!! :nuts: it looks like a great sized bag! be sure to post pics when you get it!