My new Chloe bag matches my Chloe shoes

  1. I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:

    I just received my latest Chloe satin bag in cobalt or electric blue. The inside is lined ith a silky pink fabric, it isabsolutely gorgeous and it happens to be a great match with my Chloe satin/swede pointy heels. So i just wanted to share my excitment :shame:

    Here are some pics
    Chloe satin handbag 1.jpg Chloe sating bag and heels 2.jpg Chloe satin handbag 2.jpg Chloe satin handbag 3.jpg
  2. What a gorgeous combination, so Grace Kelly...:love:
  3. So pretty! Such a perfect match! :love: Congrats.
  4. WOW! Now that is fabulous!!
  5. Wow! That color is awesome!!! Perfect match!
  6. LOL, my boots match my paddy.

    I love your shoes and purse! What a great color!
  7. WOW :love:

    I LOVE that color and to happen to have heels that match is just an added plus! Congrats :wlae:
  8. So pretty!! :biggrin:
  9. The perfect shade of blue!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. Ohhhh!:drool:
    I adore that colour - great combo!!:nuts:
  11. Now DH/BF needs to take you somewhere special :graucho:
  12. pretty! such rich color!
  13. Wow, I love both items. Those shoes are so cool.
  14. That is an awesome set...and you just happened to have the matching pump? :wlae: I especially like those shoes. I know I'm dating myself a bit, but that was one of my major favorite colors in the 80's. I love neutrals and monochromatic looks, but couldn't be happier that the brights are making the scene again.:yes:

    D&G : What brand are those espadrilles with your bleu nuit? I want them!
  15. Thanks everyone... I'm still really stoked about this purchase :yes: But I'm still letting the bag air for now. Even though the bag was in absolutely brand spanking new condition, it reeked of cigarrette smoke. I'm assuming the seller must have smoked quite a lot. :sad:

    hmwe46 yes, my dear fiance is taking me out on Saturday night for a late Valentine day's dinner... Now that i have shoes and bag, all i need to do is find a dress :confused1: