My new Chloe Ava!

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  1. NMLC was having a Thanksgiving night sale - 20% off designer bags plus and additional 25% off - and I am powerless over discount Chloe! I'm wondering though - it is a HUGE bag and I'd like it for daily use. Do those of you that own it find that it gets filled up with things and gets ridiculously heavy? I'm sort of thinking I might have a problem with that and considering returning it.

  2. i Love This Style Ava! Congrats..... I Have The Large East/west Ava And She's Not Heavy At All(compared To My Paddingtons)!
  3. I don't have this bag but I do know what you mean by filling up giant bags and them getting heavy. I don't really like having bags that are mostly empty, but you might have to in this case. I got used to it.
  4. Wow - 20% off + another 25% off - great deal for a beautiful bag! I don't have an ava, but the leather is very soft and seems lighter than a paddy. Enjoy!
  5. Here is a prettier, daytime picture. I was so excited to show it off last night and couldn't wait!

    Thanks for the input so far, I really think I would regret returning it, it was just such a good deal and I've wanted an Ava for so long.

  6. did They Have Anymore??
  7. congrat's, cute bag :smile:
  8. It was the NMLC in San Marcos, TX and last night they did have another one in the dark brown color.
  9. Oh my! That's the cutest Ava I've ever seen! Makes me want to have one too..
  10. Oh dear, I wanted that style in brown too, probably a good thing I wasn't there............I have 2 Ava's, the shoulder bag, and the large satchel, both in the leather, gets so many compliments.
  11. Gorgeous bag. It looks so squishy & soft. With a deal like that I would keep it!
  12. Very cute! It looks so soft too. Congrats!
  13. I tried that bag on at a different NMLC (Grapevine). It was soooo soft and I was very tempted but felt it was a bit big for me. If you love it, keep it. Especially at that price. Can I ask how much? IIRC the one I saw was about $1100. You got a steal!!

    I would pet that thing all day if I got it. It's truly the softest bag I've ever felt.
  14. I think it is a keeper - pretty darn spectacular!
  15. I love the NMLC in Grapevine, that's where I got one of my Ediths. I've found some incredible deals there on clothes.

    San Marcos had the Ava for the same price - after all the discounts and tax it ended up being $750.