My new chloe and it's NOT A PADDY!

  1. She is not here yet and it's not a Paddy, but I love her anyway!!!!!!!! I will post more pics when I get her!!! :love:


  2. OMG! It is gorgeous! cannot wait to see more pics! Congratulations!
  3. Beautiful! I love the color. Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. Thanks Jag and Manolo. :flowers: :heart:

    My collection is almost complete LOL, i've been wanting a bracelet bag so i can now cross that off my list.
  6. That is SUCH a cool looking and unique Chloe! Can't wait to see your pics once you recieve it. Gorgeous bag.
  7. OMG that one is the most perfect bracelet bag...!!! What a BEAUTY!! :love: :nuts: :love:

    You're lucky lady, you always find the most beautiful and rare Chloes, congrats!! :flowers: Is it chocolate colour..? So yummy :drool:
  8. I LOVE IT!!! :love: Gorgeous bag D&G, your collection is :heart:!!!!
  9. Thank you ladies (Jill, Goldensx, sonja, and audrey) :flowers: :heart:

    I will take more pics when i get her!!!! :love:
  10. Very nice! :biggrin:
  11. I can't believe how amazingly unqiue that is!!

    Spectacular bag!!
  12. :yes: Congrats D&G! Post pix of you wearing!
  13. Congrats! Angela Lindvall was in the Chloe campaign with this bag and it was super hot!!!
  14. The bag is Gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics...
  15. D&G, Gorgeous!!! You are one stylish rockstar!!! Dying to see pics of you wearing it!