My new Chloe additions!

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  1. Just wanted to show pics of my recent Chloe purchases, I was on a purse ban but I got these bags at such great prices from fellow PFers, I just couldn't say no.:graucho:

    Pic 1 - small black leather bag, was pre-owned but in great shape. Don't know the official name for this style. Very versatile since can be used messenger style ... the main reason I bought the bag.

    Pic 3 - Betty hobo in chamois, brand-new, absolutely love the color and the leather on this bag. The leather is very supple.

    Pic 5 - my growing Chloe family:love:

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  2. Congrats on the Chloe!
  3. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    very pretty bags! congrats and enjoy!
  4. I am simply in love with that Betty! Gorgeous collection!!!! Congratulations!
  5. Thank you so much jadecee and ethan&me:flowers:

    jag - Thank you so much:flowers: ... I love the size of hobo and the convenience of being hands free.

    I absolutely love:love: the leather on these bags ... Chloe uses such beautiful leather. Even if someone never heard of Chloe, they would definitely know that these were designer bags because of the quality of the leather.
  6. I :heart: all the variations of your chloe bags. Congrats :yahoo:
  7. Thanks D & G rockstar:flowers:
  8. SOOOOO beautiful! I love that white paddy especially.
  9. congrats. if you got them on sale, it does not count. good shoppers never pass on good deals!
  10. Very, very nice!!:love: :yahoo:
    Love the chamois it true to life in your pics?:smile:
  11. ooooh you have a kicking Chloe collection going on there!

    I love the colours you have chosen, you have a nice variation, so they really will go with every colour.

    congrats, you done really well ;)
  12. Nice additions!
  13. That first one is SO CUTE! I love seeing styles I haven't seen before.
  14. You have a charming chloe family, congrats..!! :love:
  15. madamefifi - Thanks:flowers: ... my blanc paddie will always be my favorite:love:

    lynnix - Thanks:flowers: ... that's what I keep telling myself anyways! LOL

    chicky - You're so sweet:flowers: I think the third pic shows the accurate color of the bag ... it's a very versatile color, adds a little pop to the wardrobe.

    chloe- babe - Thanks:flowers: ... I love the family shot ... it really showcases the various styles of Chloe. Now I want an Edith to add to the family! LOL

    Danica - Thank you:flowers:

    nerdphanie - Thanks:flowers: ... it's a very cute bag, I absolutely love all the gold hardware on it.

    +sonja+ - Thank you very much:flowers: