My New Chestnut Zip Bowler is Here!!!

  1. She's here!!!!!!! She got here in an MJ box (complete with the barcode sticker labeled "Chestnut Zip Bowler MJ Exclusive"), stuffed inside a dustbag, with tags still attached. She looks so amazing!!! I know I mentioned a "buyers remorse" right after I won her on eBay but scratch that. She is so BEAUTIFUL. Definitely new and not can still smell the leather inside and out. The leather lining is also so amazing...

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thanks again, Kitcat, for helping me find my Chestnut zip bowler that I will carry everyday, forever :yahoo:

    Well, enough are some photos of my new baby (some photos with her bigger sister Hudson):


    Upclose in front

    Turn around

    To the side now

    Luscious leather lining

    Only "imperfection" - a silver line in the inside pocket underneath the MJ MII stamp (barely visible)

    I truly love how all the ladies here help each other out!!!:tpfrox:
  2. Ooooo, congrats! Sooo pretty! Are you trying here on with everything you own?
  3. Here are the photos with Hudson (wouldn't let me upload it all in the orig post):



    ETA: The zip bowler is the perfect everyday size IMO. I have yet to try to carry her daily but it's not heavy at all (sorry Hudson)...and looks like it will fit all my stuff!!! Not to mention the amazing chestnut color...I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!
  4. She's beautiful!!! Makes me want one too... sigh...
  5. beautiful! I love how the bowler is lined in green leather, which I believe was an MJ boutique exclusive :smile:
  6. gorgeous!!! congrats!! show us some modeling pics please!!
  7. Yes, modeling pics!
  8. Wow, you have 2 great bags there! Glad it was love at first sight. :love:
  9. YAY!
    That bag is amazing!
    What a gem!
  10. :drool:
    Oh my... that is some serious striping goodness there!!! Congrats!
  11. Wow! Purty!
  12. Fabulous!!! Congrats on getting another Striping beauty!! :nuts:
  13. i was just carrying my chestnut bowler today. :heart: it's beyond beautiful. congrats!
  14. Congrats!!! She's gorgeous!!
  15. Thanks ladies!! I hope it doesn't rain this weekend so I can use her already. I will definitely post modeling pics as soon as the lazy days are over. I don't want to post another pic up in my pj's :graucho: