My new Chestnut Kooba Carla, *PICS*

  1. She arrived today! I love her and pics don't do her justice. The lavender lining is so much prettier in real life and the leather is so squishy and smells SO good.



    Close-up of leather

    Interior shots

  2. Hard to capture true color with my horrid camera, the close-up shot gives the truest indication of leather color.
  3. Very pretty!!!!!!! The lavendar lining is sooooo cute!!! :love: :yes:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks! :smile:
  5. WOW! That arrived quickly! It seems like it was just a couple of days ago that you were able to find just the one that you wanted for such a good price. It's a beauty! And doesn't that leather smell great!? Congratulations on your new addition.
  6. I have this bag in eggplant. It's turned into my everyday bag. So functional. You're going to love it. Congrats!
  7. That's beautiful! Congrats! I can almost smell the leather through the computer. :yes:
  8. Enjoy it!!
    Koobas are the greatest!
  9. Oh my gawd-where did you find it in eggplant-I want one!!!:crybaby:
  10. OMG, I saw it at Saks Off 5th outlet! It was white though. Great bag!
  11. oh cheekers it is gorgeous! And you are right, that leather is wonderful.

    Load that baby up and go somewhere to show her off. *s
  12. congrats!!
  13. that's beautiful. I thought of getting that one myself. Where did you order it from?
  14. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAy cheekers it came it came!!!!!!!! :smile: its sososos gorgeous congrads i know you are PSYCHED! thats how i felt when i got my ginger, same color its AMAZING!
  15. very nice congrats :yes: make me think of getting the chestnut ginger myself now... :p