My new Chelsea!! (or should i wait for the choc sig stripe??)

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Which bag to keep/buy?

  1. The Chelsea Sig Hobo i bought at PCE

  2. Pre-order the chocolate sig stripe tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please help! I bought a new chelsea sig medium hobo at PCE yesterday :yahoo:and my only complaint is that the C's on the sides of the bag dont line up.:tdown: Other than that I love it. Do you think this is a big deal? Im wondering if I should return the chelsea and pre-order the chocolate signature stripe tote instead (my SA said shed let me apply my PCE)- b/c im loving that too:heart:(i got the pic of that off eBay- it comes out soon!) . What do you vote for? Do you think chelsea sig will be in the outlets soon? im so indecisive!! :crybaby:Thanks for the help!!
    me_bag.jpg new_bag.jpg new_bag_2.jpg choc sig.jpg
  2. I got the Chelsea bag in black...but I also have the tote in denim and I love it! I know this is no help at all...
  3. i really like the signature stripe tote in chocolate. If you're already concerned about the C's not lining up and you just got it, I know you'll probably be worried about that and not able to enjoy your bag. If you still really like the chelsea, i'd exchange it, but i just love the sig stripe tote!
  4. IMO, looking at the two bags next to eachother, the Chelsea looks kinda boring...the chocolate signature tote has OOMPH and ZING to it!!!!!!! It's a NOTICE ME type of bag where the Chelsea will be overlooked. I do like them both, but I LOVE the look of that chocolate tote!!!! My vote goes to that!!!
  5. I love the sig stripe tote! It's beautiful and different, I vote for that one.
  6. I vote sig stripe. I like the look of the larger C's and IMO the Chelsea is inconvenient to get into with the turnlock. Plus, I saw it at my store last week and the new color combo is really pretty!!
  7. Stripe tote here too. I noticed in the store that a Chelsea that had been handled and was broken in didn't fold over well and the bag stayed open on one side even when closed with the turn lock.
  8. I just ordered the large choc tote, so that would be my vote!

    I don't really like the whole Khaki/brown combo from Coach. I only own one bag in this color and rarely use it - it's too common. The chocolate tote will be more unique and stylish!
  9. Wow....IMHO, I LOVE that sig stripe tote in fact...I think I just found my next But I probably wouldn't keep a bag if there were something bothering me about it. If it were me, I would wait and get the sig stripe tote in choc....but that's just me....caz I love the gold trim. But that Chelsea is gorg. too.
  10. Thanks for the help ladies- so no one is loving my chelsea hobo?
  11. I love the sig. stripe. I just used my PCE on the black/gunmetal sig. stripe. Good luck!
  12. I guess I'm the odd man out.. I love the chelsea and just bought one yesterday! (I got the large though) Someone mentioned the turnlock is hard but to me that is the futhest thing from the truth.. it is SO convenient and cute! Better than a zipper.. and a lot easier than it would seem....but if you are not loving the bag don't keep it!!!
  13. I vote for the choc. sig stripe tote!
  14. Now to confuse you even more.....I was at Dillards yesterday and they have the Chelsea in chocolate sig! It looked really yummy in chocolate! I vote Chelsea. I really like that bag. The tote has skinny straps and from my experience, they dig into your shoulder and is not the most comfortable to carry.
  15. I voted for the chocolate! I love this color combo!