my new chelsea from the outlets!

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  1. here is the new surprise my parents bought me at the outlet in USA
  2. GORGEOUS!!!! I am a Chelsea fan!!!!! Congrats! What GREAT parents!!!!
  3. Gabz, great bag! I'm still enjoying my white Chelsea.
  4. LOVE that bag! I just came from the outlets and I know I have a matching walet... hmmmm I should go back and see if they have that bag.
  5. That's a nice choice.
  6. I want that bag SO bad in the mahogany. Do you mind me asking how much it was at the outlets? Maybe I could make a trip there. I see a ton of them on eBay, but I think I would get a better deal at the store.
  7. is that pebbled leather? either way it is gorgeous!
  8. That's a beautiful bag!
  9. I would love the mahogany also. The black was my first Coach ever last year and I love that bag!!

    Anyone know if they have them? I haven't been to the outlets in a few months.


  10. It's lovely -- congrats!
  11. I know my outlet in Carlsbad carried Chelsea all the time. Chelsea, Soho, and Hamptons bags were our staples that we had every day. And all of our Chelsea stuff was pebbled leather.
  12. Congrats, I LOVE that bag... I have it on my wish list.
  13. Wow ~ what nice parents you have!:smile: I have that same purse and I love it. Enjoy!!
  14. Thats an awesome bag and you have awesome parents! I wish my parents would just go, "hey we got you a fabulous bag, because you're awesome!"

    Super lucky!!!!!
  15. Oh you lucky lucky ducky! Beautiful! Congrats!

    I was @ the Edinburgh, IN outlet yesterday and almost picked up once of these in a beautiful camel color. The lining was brick red -- gorgeous color combo for fall! Alas, I put it back, my SO thought it would water-spot in rain/snow...:crybaby:But they had like 3 different styles, they are so pretty!

    Enjoy your bag!