My new Chelsea Coach tote! Pics!

  1. Remember my story?

    Well, finally I have had a chance to take some pictures! Sorry it took so long!!! Hope you like them... I am just loving this bag! :drool:
    231024781207_0_ALB.jpg 159604781207_0_ALB.jpg 212024781207_0_ALB.jpg
  2. Beautiful, love it!
  3. I have this tote and I love it!

    It's actually up next on my rotation schedule...yay!

    (is that the black or brown one? sorry...hard to tell from the pictures)

    I remember when I bought mine (maybe late summer/early fall?)...I loved it when it was full price...but didn't full price love it...then it was on sale for like $189 or $139 or something...grabbed that sucker up quick!

    (hmm...ever notice...full price store prices end in 8's...and outlets end in 9's? funny!)

    congrats on finding the bag you loved! wear it well!!
  4. Congrats on finding a bag that you love! You will get plenty of use out of that bag.
  5. ^I have it too and I love it! I have the matching zip hobo, as well. I love these Chelsea bags because I think they are a really easy leather to wear in the summer because of the light brown leather handles. Plus, the leather wears really well and all you need to do to keep it clean is wipe it with a damp cloth (no Coach cleaner or moisturizer).

    Enjoy it!!

  6. It's black. It's a great bag for me to take to work since it looks nice with most outfits.
  7. congrats!!

  8. Thanks for the advice! :yes:
  9. I really love it the lining in that pink color is gorgeous!
  10. I have that too! It was my first Coach - my parents got it for me. It's a great bag - congrats and enjoy it!
  11. so cute!

    and quintessentially COACH-classic.
  12. Cute bag. Congrats
  13. My best friend has this bag too and she loves it! It is a very pretty bag and very functional.
  15. no no no - not the serial number...the PRICES!!!