My new cheap thrill!

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  1. I still can't believe they make bags for only $58. I'm in shock lol!

    I found this yesterday while browsing, and I originally planned to buy a throw around Burberry tote... but $300 vs. $58... is a no-brainer!

    There were 6 at the store, 3 had a really ugly print, one was cute, it had dogs all over it. And there were two all black ones. One had a white lettering and this one was plain. I didn't really want my bag to scream what it was, so I opted for the black-on-black. This bag will be perfect for rainy days, trips to the salon, grocery shopping, going to movies. It's the best $58 I ever spent! And it's so light weight, it's just like a trash bag! I'm in love. My one complaint, the leather accents aren't real leather. But oh well, I will live. Does anyone know if MBMJ makes equally cheap accessories? I need some black stuff to go with this bag!

    Here is the MBMJ Packable Shopper Tote:
    It's so flimsy, I had to prop it up on my Mac!
  2. congrats! i love cheap finds, and black never looks cheap!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Congrats! Sounds like you'll get a lot of use out of it

    MJ has special items that are all very cheap, and there's a list of some of what can be found at stores here. MBMJ accessories in general are fairly inexpensive if you do a little looking around or don't mind ebay.
  5. check the marc jacobs homepage - special items - they are all at a very good price, i got a eco bag to do food shopping from MJ and it was only 8$ :smile:
    a lot of the special items are under 50$ like rubber boots, beach towels etc
    i also got a cashmere scarf for only 38 $, but its only avaiable at the stores that have the special items, for example the NYC store in the village....
  6. Great find!!!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. I carried this bag for over a week! I switched to a LV yesterday, but for some reason, I'm coming back to this one for the day. What's the deal? I've never used a bag like this! lol